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Cornell University

BEEAR Research Group

Cornell Biomedical Engineering Education, Assessment, and Research (BEEAR) Group

Welcome to the Cornell Biomedical Engineering Education, Assessment, and Research (BEEAR) Group!

Our Mission:

At the BEEAR Group, we are dedicated to advancing the field of engineering education by investigating the efficacy of authentic learning environments. Our primary focus is on studying the impact of evidence-based engineering education on biomedical engineers. Through rigorous research and innovative pedagogical approaches, we aim to enhance the educational experiences of aspiring engineers and contribute to the overall advancement of the field.

Our Research Areas:

  1. Assessment Development:

    Through the development of rigorous assessment methods, we aim to evaluate and measure the effectiveness of engineering education interventions. Our research group creates robust assessment tools and frameworks, enabling us to gather reliable data and insights into students’ learning outcomes. By continuously refining and adapting our assessment methods, we provide evidence-based recommendations to enhance engineering education.

  2. Innovative Pedagogy:

    We are committed to exploring innovative pedagogical approaches that engage and inspire engineering students. Our research group investigates novel teaching methods, technologies, and instructional strategies to create dynamic learning experiences. By integrating these innovative approaches into engineering curricula, we foster the development of essential skills, such as teamwork, technical proficiency, creativity, innovation, and the application of fundamental scientific knowledge to engineering problems.

  3. Axiology of Engineering Education:

    Axiology, the study of values and ethics, holds great significance in engineering education. Our research group seeks to develop a deeper understanding of the fundamental principles that we aim to impart to engineering students. We are interested in exploring how these values may vary within engineering subdisciplines or differ from those in other experimental sciences. By examining the values of engineers, we strive to establish a consensus on the learning goals within engineering curricula.

Through our research endeavors, we contribute to the body of knowledge in engineering education and endeavor to improve the quality of education for aspiring engineers. We actively welcome collaborations, partnerships, and inquiries from students, researchers, educators, and industry professionals who share our passion for evidence-based engineering education.

Please note that this website is currently under construction. Check back soon for updates on our research findings and publications.